Compnay profile: COSMONATURA SL

Since the ancient times, the virtues of a miraculous plant called Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) with great therapeutic properties are known. Such virtues were widely studied by our founders, Don Pedro Martinez and Doña Rosa Maria Tapias, which in 1992, after an investigation of this plant in the Canary Islands, discovered that it is the place where the best quality of this liliacea can be achieved due to the islands’ magnificent climate. After contacting with plantations and native canarian producers, Don Pedro decided to bring this wonderful juice to the Iberian Peninsula to begin commercializing it under the name of "Pere Marve" of Bionatural Cosmetics, our first trademark. After this spectacular product is used as the flagship and raw material, the company began to produce a cosmetic line based on Aloe Vera as the main ingredient being initially distributed in the Canary Islands, and then spreading throughout Spain and Europe thereafter. Through the commercial development of the brand Natural Cosmetics, Cosmonatura SL was born, with renewed company ideology and great human potential. The incorporation of a highly experienced consolidated technical management, contributed by experts in cosmetology, father and son, Messrs. Miguel Margalef as well as the new direction of the company, led by the successors of the founders, Domingo Juan Martinez and Maria Theresa Noces, and all the exceptional staff, made possible the company development, both for the quality of its master formulas such as new designs and product presentations.

Currently, we have seals of certified quality such as the ECOACTIVE CERTIFIED and TRANSALOEVERA that ensure the natural source of active ingredients used in cosmetics, and the best Aloe Vera juice from fresh leaves. Also our methods of manufacturing in our laboratory is certified by Bureau Veritas, according to the standards of UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008, illustrating the extreme care we take in developing our products.

The aim of Cosmonatura SL is to be able to reach out to the maximum quantity of the population and demonstrate that high cosmetic quality does not have to be directed only to an exclusive public of high purchasing power but is aimed at everyone who can see that beyond a name, it is the product quality. The best technology in skin care for beauty must have the capability to be available to everyone.

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