Our laboratory is known for the use of medicinal plants’ natural extracts to manufacture our products.

Right from the start, with the Bionatural line, we have Aloe Barbadensis plant as star ingredient for our formulas. Over the time, new lines like Natura Balear, Natura Canaria or IB Cosmetics also incorporate Calendula Officinalis, with properties known for skin care and nutrition. More recently, with the result of our continuous research, we created new brands based on other active ingredients, such as Magic Aloe or PereMarve, containing Dead Sea salts imported from Jordan, which provide great benefits to the skin in addition to toning.

Our manufacturing process is of the highest quality. From obtaining our raw materials, collected and selected after careful procedures, until gaining the final result, all our products have to pass strict controls. Cosmetic and treatment products that involve the main volume of our production, offer consumers the maximum guarantee and greater efficiency, the fruit of our ongoing research. This puts our brands as leaders in the industry and is of full confidence for our clients.

Our facilities are equipped with clean rooms with pressurized and treated air according to ISO8 and ISO5 regulations, phenolic resin sandwich plate of high pharmaceutical quality and high-tech manufacturing and packaging machinery. These ensure the highest quality of all our formulations.